What is a CPA?

DThe CPA Vision
DCommunicating the total picture with clarity and objectivity,.
DTranslating complex information into critical knowledge,.
DAnticipating and creating opportunities, and.
DDesigning pathways that transform vision into reality..

It’s not uncommon in our profession to encounter some confusion as to what a CPA does; we offer much more than accounting services and tax preparation. While we are very good accountants and tax preparers, these services are only a part of our total financial advisory and planning capabilities.

Christine A. Lauber Certified Public Accountant and Consultant is well-versed in providing solutions to the problems business owners face as they strive to grow their ventures and make them successful.

Based on years of experience serving similar companies and an intimate knowledge of your business, our list of services can translate into functions that do not sound like traditional accounting services. For example:

  • We can work with your banker and attorney to sell your business or buy one;
  • We can develop an employee wage and benefit program that will boost employee morale and aid recruiting efforts;
  • We can structure your family-owned business for a successful succession to the next generation;
  • We can analyze your accounting needs, recommend, install and train your staff on the appropriate accounting software package;
  • And much more.

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